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Self Love & Confidence

Hiii babes! Self love and confidence is something I like to teach my clients in the very beginning of training and throughout their sessions with me. If you don't love yourself now then when you get to your goal, you're still never going to be satisfied and happy overall. I think the first step to getting happier and healthier comes a lot from how you think about yourself and what you feed your mind daily. Your mind is extremely powerful, the more positive you are and the nicer you are to yourself really reflects your overall energy you release when people are around you. You want people to feel happier and at peace when they are around you, not more stressed and anxious. Below are some steps you can take to getting more confident and find that inner happiness on the daily.

  1. Morning Affirmations:

Begin each morning with good intentions. Get up when that first alarm goes off, drink your water, make a cup of coffee and sit down for 5 minutes to set your intentions for the day. Write down what you want to accomplish today, how you want to feel, and how you will react if someone upsets you or things don't go your way. Have a plan for each and everyday. For example: I tend to let little things get the best of me and get upset easily if things are done the way I expected it to be done. So, instead of getting mad and letting one little incident ruin my whole day and my good energy, I try to take a step back and a deep breath. I think "Why is this upsetting me?" "Is this something that's worth getting upset over?" Because, not every person is the same and people will do whatever they want given certain circumstances or events that are happening in their personal life. You can never take ANYTHING personal. Because no matter what, that person will do whatever they want, not what you expect of them. Low expectations for others, high standards for yourself.

2. Self-love Personal Talk:

Remember how I said in the beginning that your mind is very powerful and what you feed it on the daily will affect your whole energy you give out? It's so true! Have you ever had a friend say to you "Ugh, I look so fat in this outfit." or grab their skin and say "I have gained so much weight I look so gross" It's a very uncomfortable situation and feeling that they have now put you in and now you have to go "No, No! You look great!" Then, they will usually continue to rip themselves apart and you try to change the subject. I tell my friends and clients, that if you wouldn't say it to the one you love the most you most definitely shouldn't be saying it to yourself! You would never look at your mom or best friend and say "Omg, you have gained so much weight, look at all your cellulite!" That would be so awful, it would make her feel so self conscious and ruin her whole day. So, don't say bad, negative comments about your body to yourself. If you do, then quickly reset your mind and give yourself a compliment instead, and say it out loud. Saying something out loud gives it more purpose and it's important to hear those positive thoughts out loud.

3. Bedtime Journaling:

At the end of your day after everything is done and the day is coming to an end, it's good to reflect back and see how you did after your morning affirmations. Sit down, and look at your morning affirmations, what you intended for the day and if you stuck to it. Did you do everything you planned on doing? If not, how come and how can you make sure that you don't let that happen again? The feeling of accomplishment will help build confidence in yourself. If you didn't stick to it, that's ok! We are human, we aren't perfect. But, it's important to have self awareness and realize what you need to personally work on to be a better person each and everyday. Just try again the next day. Trial and error!

I hope you guys take the time to build self confidence and find that inner happiness. It might not be easy, especially in the beginning but eventually you'll notice that your overall energy and positivity way of living will completely change your life for the better!

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