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Owner of Happy & Sweaty


I was lost, broken and a very angry person when I was the girl on the left.  I fell in love with being active, sweating and even cooking was fun and new.  I knew I wasn't meant to be mediocre, and I remind myself of that every single day. I am active 7 days a week from weight training, boxing, riding my peloton, biking to the beach, running or walking outside, to stretching every night before bed. Movement makes me feel good and damn, do I like feeling good!

If I could tell myself something when I was just starting my fitness journey, I would say, "You are meant for great things and you will help many people see the same thing in themselves.  Don't settle, don't get comfortable and do what makes you happy."


This progress photo is from a small cut I did when I was thinking about competing.  I decided it wasn't something I wanted at the time. It just wasn't good for me or my mental state at the time. It is important to find out how fitness can fit into your life the right way for you personally! Now I love where I am physically and mentally and enjoy training very much. I still set monthly goals to keep myself growing mentally and learning more about myself every day. 



"I love working out with Michelle because she challenges me to be better than I was the day before while still having fun. She makes me feel confident and comfortable no matter where I am at during my fitness journey. Michelle not only helps my physical health but my mental health too!"



"Michelle has helped me lose 30lbs, which is something I never even dreamt of.  Not only has she made me love my body but my mind and mental state is so much more powerful now.  Because of her, I appreciate having a curvier body and love training to be strong, rather than focusing on losing weight.  I love training with Michelle because she always pushes me to my fullest extent and doesn't  take no for an answer. I appreciate how much she focuses on teaching form and is patient when I need to be shown techniques."



"70lbs ago I felt like I had hit rock bottom with my weight.  I stopped caring and just accepted the fact that I was going to be this way.  Not till my girlfriend told me she met a trainer and wanted me to go with her.  I didn't want to, but said yes anyway!  

From the first session that I went to, I felt like I passed out and had to lay down for most of the session... I knew I wanted and needed to come back.  

Michelle motivates you and pushes you way past your limits you thought you had.  She holds you accountable, which makes you want to work even harder.  My favorite thing that I love about working out with Michelle that I haven't seen other Personal Trainers do is her emphasis on the the before and after mobility and stretching. She is big on helping you meet your goals properly and safely.  Michelle has made me get into many healthier habits and a set routine that I enjoy daily."



"I'll be 65 in a month and I have never been in better shape. Michelle is a great trainer who has taken me from an overweight man who always felt tired to a lean workout maniac who trains with her five days per week.  Choosing her as my trainer was a completely life changing decision and I feel so much better about myself.  I also have the natural energy that comes from a lean body that is constantly active.  I am so grateful to have met Michelle and I will always train with her."



"When I met Michelle almost 6 years ago, I thought she was the most badass trainer that I had met!  Three years later, I know that I was definitely right.  She is tough, but in the most motivating , 'won't let you give up on yourself' kind of way!  She truly understands how to train her clients to make them stronger physically and emotionally.  She knows her anatomy so well that she will push you past your own limits, without ever letting you get hurt.  She is always accessible to her clients, keeping them on track with their fitness goals, constantly motivating them through a better diet and physical activity.  

I started with her at age 40, after having 3 kids...never having weight lifted before.  And now I am the most leanest and strongest that I have ever been in my life.  She has helped me become a more balance mom, a more focused doctor and a more confident woman in every regard!  I am so grateful to have such a motivating and uplifting friend in Michelle! The best part about her though is that she makes it fun to be 'happy and sweaty.' Love ya girl!" 


angela progress 4.jpg
angela progress 2.jpg
angela porgress 3.jpg

"I've been training with Michelle for about a year now and I'm extremely excited with my results.  I wasn't looking for a quick change i the way I looked, instead I wanted something that I could work towards and maintain long term.  I wanted a workout program that fit my schedule and my needs, Michelle was able to provide that for me.  I enjoy my one-on-one training where we work specifically on my goals and work to strengthen any areas where I have had prior injuries in.  I also really enjoy the group classes, it's a great community where all us women uplift each other."


julia progress 3.jpg
julia progress 2.jpg
Julia Progress 1.jpg

"Michelle is the best! I trained with her a few years back and when I saw that she opened her own gym (!!!), I knew I wanted to train with her again.  Not only has she helped me get stronger but also made me feel empowered and taught me to trust the process.  We train smart and hard, and everything else follows.  Thank you Michelle for all that you do!"



April came to train with me at Happy and Sweaty to prep herself for a Hawaii trip! She made a commitment to train three times a week in my 4 week program.  We stuck strictly to Strength Training with barbell movements while April kept up on her tennis outside of the gym.  She finished her four week program feeling strong, confident and so happy with her results in such a short amount of time!


emma 1.jpg

Emma has been training with me for a little over three years with small breaks here and there because of her crazy school and dance schedule.  She decided to start training again during the pandemic at the park and continued to achieve her fitness goals here at Happy & Sweaty.  She has lost over 50 pounds and has gained a significant amount of muscle!  She gave it her all and continues to train one-on-ones and small group classes.  She's getting so strong and is so much more confident, It's safe to say she is happy with her results, I couldn't be more proud of you Emma! 



Amy came to Happy & Sweaty in February looking to get back into shape, increase energy levels, clean up her diet and build muscle.  She is very consistent and does one-on-ones twice a week as well as the small group classes twice a week.  Amy has not only gained muscle, but her strength has increased greatly on all of her barbell lifts, which helps her track her progress easily and keeps her motivated to continuously get stronger each week.  Looking at her progress pictures, she tells me she's proud of herself but she isn't done yet.  I admire her dedication and willingness to learn!   Keep it up Amy, I'm so proud of you!

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