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personal Training by

Michelle Mundy

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One on one personal training is highly recommended for everyone. Learn proper techniques and form to help you achieve your personal goals with a more efficient way of training. Improve any muscular imbalances and move your fitness to the next level. Train smarter, before you train harder!

One on one


Small group classes are a great option for those who are looking to train in a group atmosphere. Strength Training can help improve overall strength, mobility, stamina and increase muscle gain. Group training is a great way to get a killer workout in but also meet new friends with similar goals.

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Small Group training

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Partner training can be a perfect way to keep you on track. It always helps to have more support and motivation to get happy and sweaty! Grab a buddy and get to work together to achieve your fitness goals!



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Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our life. Fresh and nutritious foods can be the best remedy
for a healthy mind and body. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle and your diet, what you eat in
private you wear in public. It is important to be mindful of what we are feeding our bodies. Learn how
to properly fuel your body for ultimate recovery and performance. Dieting is not about eating less food,
it's about eating the right foods. Because with proper nutrition comes results!

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